Spinning On The Interstate

I love the way the Father surprises you with His presence. I will tell you about it in a minute. First, the story behind the presence.

17 days ago I was driving down out of the mountains in West Virginia on a lightly snowing evening. The road was clear and not covered. In a millisecond, the back of the car decided to start spinning. It spun 1 1/2 times before hitting the guard wires on the front passenger quarter panel. This caused the spinning to go the opposite way and the car spun 1 1/2 more times hitting the rear passenger quarter panel. This hit caused the car to spin the opposite way. The car stopped 2 seconds later going down hill in the fast lane.

I was frozen. I could not think. Nothing came to mind. In about 20 seconds my mind registered that I was a sitting duck in the fast lane. Catch this, I was on I-68 at 6:30 PM and there was no car or truck coming down the road. Can God get any better than that?


Just as I was starting to think about moving off the road, an 18-wheeler drove by and waved as if he was glad I was alright. It was then that I noticed that I had no headlights. There it is, God does His thing again. He provided an 18 wheeler to follow to the next exit.

Today I picked up the car from the auto body shop. I was driving home reliving the memory of God's protection when He suddenly became real to me in a fresh way. He reminded me how much He loved me right now. In all the ways that He could bring His presence, this is the best.

Today I am praying the the Father will let you know how much He loves you. You are worth it.

Dale H